Despite serious difficulties (especially on the stock market), the Renault group, through the voice of its CEO, excludes any form of nationalization.

No nationalization for Renault

For Jean-Dominique Senard, President of Renault, a renationalization of the brand “ is not on the agenda " The words could not be clearer, while the group is currently going through serious difficulties, linked, among other things, to the sanitary measures induced by the coronavirus.

Jean-Dominique Senard also mentions the financial crisis of 2008, a very harsh time for many companies, including Renault, which had again swept away any possibility of nationalization. Recall that the company had been nationalized at the end of the Second World War, before being privatized in the mid-90s.

Obviously, in addition to the closure of many factories (especially in Europe), Renault must also face a drop in sales. Depending on the evolution of the situation in France, the automobile group does not rule out asking for guarantees from the State. To be continued.

Source: Autonews