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Herbert Diess, who claims to have finally realized the competition from the US electric manufacturer, has not hidden his links with Elon Musk.

Between Elon Musk and Herbert Diess, we are far from the cockfight. On the contrary, the agreement between the two men seems to be in good shape, according to the latest statements of the boss of Volkswagen reported by our American colleagues Bloomberg. The leader not only praised Tesla's merits, he also praised a growing friendship between him and the sulphurous entrepreneur.

The numbers speak for Tesla

For years, Tesla was sometimes underestimated, sometimes ignored or denigrated by traditional builders who saw the company as the fad of a whimsical billionaire, or at best as a technologically innovative start-up. But time has passed, and with the honorable sales figures of Model 3 and the imminent launch of production in Gigafactory 3, the American society is no longer quite the same.
Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen, readily acknowledges it. According to him, some manufacturers, including the one he leads, now take Tesla seriously, perceiving it as a real competitor in the electric car market. It was during a press conference on the sidelines of the launch of the new Golf, last week, that the boss of the German firm has made things clear.

A friendship exchange in the form of a hidden message?

" Tesla is not a niche. The Model 3 is a model of large series and Tesla one of the largest manufacturers of electric car batteries "Said Herbert Diess. The German leader can rely on the figures of the American manufacturer, which has sold 255,200 vehicles in the first three quarters, and which could, for the first time in its history, pass the milestone of 100,000 cars sold in three months.
But let's go back to our two protagonists. In addition to saying " have a lot of respect for Tesla Herbert Diess spoke of a true friendship with Elon Musk, who recently congratulated him to have done more than any major automaker In the electricity market.

These two-way compliments may not be just an exchange of amabilities, but hide, nothing can be excluded, a rapprochement between the two groups.

Source: Bloomberg