TheE3 and the Summer Game Fest are fast approaching. Logically, Sony should offer a small conference during the summer to unveil the future video games of the PS5. Alas, you do not have the console, because the shortage is wreaking havoc? Still, do you have the cash to do next-gen madness?

If this money is burning your fingers and you absolutely want to spend it on “the PS5”, why not fall for this collection of clothing bearing the effigy of Sony’s latest console? So, like a real fan, you will be dressed as you should to discover the new games.

Balenciaga: PS5 clothes that cost more than the console!

Balenciaga PS5

© Balenciaga

So it’s official, Balenciaga is teaming up with Sony / PlayStation to create a new collection of clothing with the PS5 logo. On the program, t-shirts, a cap, a sweatshirt or even socks. Most of the products are black, there is a red t-shirt with always the same rather simple and basic design.

Balenciaga PS5 Cap and Socks

© Balenciaga

What is a little less “basic” is the price at which the different products are displayed. Indeed, Balenciaga is a large luxury French house, considered the “couturier des couturiers” of Parisian fashion since the 1930s. So, you can imagine that the prices displayed will be at the height of Balenciaga’s fame.

Thus, the pair of socks simply bearing the “PlayStation” logo and the mention “PS5” is priced at € 95. The cap is “a little more expensive” with a price displayed at 350 €.

For those who want to go crazy, Balenciaga offers a t-shirt (available in black or red) at a price of 510 €. It is therefore more expensive than a PlayStation 5 Standard. Finally, for those who spend lavishly, you can always opt for the sweatshirt which is priced at 665 €.

Of course, shipping costs will be free (even for socks). And the good news? This is because all the products are (for the moment) available. Unlike the console which is still not found in most physical or online stores.