Although it is not recommended for people under 18 according to the PEGI classification, and Death Stranding offers a dark and very special world, it is not considered a survival horror. However, Hideo Kojima, its creator loves the horror theme. All gamers remember the "Silent Hills P.T" project with Konami which was canceled just before Kojima's departure to found his own studio and develop Death Stranding.

It may well be that the post-Death Stranding is already approaching or in the minds of the founder of Kojima Productions. At least, according to his recent tweet.

Hideo Kojima at the controls of his own horror game?

Hideo Kojima Horror Game

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P.T. was the name of the demo of the upcoming Silent Hill that was being developed on Konami's side. This demo was a huge hit on the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store. At the time, nobody knew that behind this new album that promised to revolutionize the series and the genre of survival-horror, hid a certain Hideo Kojima. And yet, that was the case.

Unfortunately, following the disputes between Konami and Kojima, the project was canceled at the time of his departure.
Now that he is independent and at the head of his own studio (Kojima Productions), will Hideo finally launch his horror game that everyone is waiting for? According to a recent tweet, we are entitled to ask ourselves questions.

To be able to do the most terrifying horror games, I watch horror movies to wake up my horrifying soul. THE EYE is a Thai horror movie that I rented when I was working on PT but it was too terrifying for me to finish watching it. The jacket is scary so I only rented the CD. Will I ever be able to finish watching him?

A spiritual sequel to Silent Hill "P.T."? Many players and many fans of Kojima dream. Now that Death Stranding is available, the studio will have to activate the sequel. With a little luck, we could very quickly have new information! Why not from here E3 2020?