While tomorrow, June 11, 2020, Sony will finally present the long-awaited PlayStation 5, Microsoft returns to the sea with a new announcement. Indeed, the Redmond company said that the Xbox Series X will ship "A new high-end audio proposition" thanks to a partnership with the Danish company Bang & Olufsen. The latter is recognized for its quality products and recently decided to take an interest in the gaming sector.

This partnership should make it possible to discover new products, such as headsets designed for the Xbox and which will include functionalities capable of offering an improved user experience. Christoffer Poulsen, vice president and product management at Bang & Olufsen, said in a press release: "The gaming industry has grown significantly in recent years, regardless of age group, gender and country, and we believe this trend will continue. Technology has come a long way in gaming, and improving the sound experience allows us to play a key role. By entering the gaming industry, we want to do what we do best: deliver exceptional sound performance, wrapped in amazing design and solid craftsmanship. "

For his part, Matt Kesselring, head of hardware partnerships at Xbox, said: "We are delighted to partner with Bang & Olufsen to market a new level of audio quality for games, aimed at Xbox and Bang & Olufsen fans around the world, that goes wherever you enjoy playing Xbox." We should also expect more information in the coming weeks about what this partnership will really offer.