A few weeks ago now, Codemasters and Microsoft allowed some privileged to do the ” demonstration »Of DiRT5 on the networks, then in version Preview. The goal was mainly to exhibit the 120 fps mode of the game, but what we especially remembered DiRT5 at the time, it is above all a rather weak game technically (moreover for the next-gen) , stuffed with tearing and didn’t look very exciting to play. Today, the picture is much more positive, but DiRT5 is still not THE new generation racing game you dreamed of. Our test!

DiRT5 on Xbox Series X at the best price

DiRT5 at the time of the test (on Xbox Series X)

First and foremost, it is essential to consider this DiRT5 for what it is, namely… the sequel to DiRT4. Indeed, the game of Codemasters is not affiliated with another house automobile saga, namely DiRT Rally. If the latter advocates exacerbated realism, the DiRT series favors immediate fun, with an obvious arcade side, and a staging often very colorful, very spectacular, for the eyes as for the ears.

If you were looking for a descendant of DiRT Rally, you can sheathe your credit card, this is not the case (at all) with this DiRT5. A point that deserves to be clarified, as some people obviously persist in seeing in this DiRT5 any descendant of DiRT Rally 2.

Thus, from launch, DiRT5 displays its spectacular side, with very aggressive sound effects for the eardrums, but above all an ultra (ultra) colorful presentation. The menus are rather simple, with the possibility of participating in a “Career”, of developing a personalized race, of playing online or even of creating your own tracks via the editor called Showdown.

For the main mode, no cutscene or other staging, and only two voice-overs try as best they can to tell us a plot that we do not have much to worry about (and that we can also stop by clicking on the right stick).

Xbox Dirt Test

An “old school” side

In Career mode, DiRT5 offers a very “old school” challenge, since it will be a question of chaining predefined races, which will unlock the following ones. Each event offers its share of challenges, in addition to asking the player to finish the race in the lead obviously. In this regard, the events are very varied, always with a little “90’s” taste that is not necessarily unpleasant, especially for rally events, with really very nice cars to drive and listen to.

Xbox Dirt Test

Well, DiRT obliges, it is also necessary to stuff oneself with Gymkhana events, with the possibility of opting for assistance to the drifts which makes it possible to make the whole a little more pleasant to play.

Xbox Dirt Test

In total, DiRT offers to participate in a little less than ten different challenges (Sprint, Land Rush, Ice Breaker …) with circuits based in China, New York, Norway, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Morocco… A beautiful invitation to travel, therefore, not to mention the dynamic weather conditions here, and a race started in the middle of a storm can quite end under a radiant sun. Ditto for the day / night cycle, also supported by the game.

It’s not my DiRT 5 next-gen?

On this subject, the effects are quite splendid in DiRT5, and in particular the effects of lights, but also the puddles, the tides of mud and other particles which come to lodge on the windshield of our car. It’s simple, we often find ourselves pressing the Share button on the Xbox controller, to immortalize this setting sun, or this mud that seems more real than life.

The whole has its small effect, even if, from a more general point of view, the game is not a graphic slap, with the bonus of cars that seem to float a little on the ground. Likewise, for a “DiRT” game, we finally feel very (too) little the “dirty” side of certain races.

Xbox Dirt Test

Visually, the whole remains much more pleasant than anything that has been shown in recent weeks by some. The whole thing is fluid (most of the time), the tearing has almost completely disappeared, and those who can can even activate a 120 fps mode (but will lose in visual detail). In Performance mode on Xbox Series X, the game does the job, and the latest updates deployed by Codemasters have corrected the main flaws of the preview version. Phew!

Xbox Dirt Test

On the gameplay side, as we have said, DiRT5 is a purely arcade game, and tolerates very late braking, skidding with the handbrake, or the fact of relying heavily on an opponent entering a turn to pass him. Driving is therefore very accessible, but the whole still lacks quite a bit… of fun.

Xbox Dirt Test

Indeed, DiRT5 very often struggles to provide the sensations that one seeks in this type of purely arcade game. Worse still, we even come to skip certain events, as they are not very pleasant to play. Certainly, the Career mode is very generous, with many challenges, but it is complicated to chain 2 or 3 races without feeling a certain boredom. Too bad then.

DiRT5 on Xbox Series X at the best price

Our opinion on DiRT5

Without being the predicted disaster, DiRT5 is not a great racing game either, or even any next-gen technological showcase. Not unpleasant to take in hand, and despite the screaming menus at will, DiRT5 allows you to have a good time, well helped by some interesting races, and magnificent visual effects. However, boredom finds its place quite quickly here, and the whole thing lacks overall finish, inspiration, and all in all simply passion.


€ 69.99

Dirt 5 test

WE love

  • Immediate handling
  • A career full of challenges
  • Some beautiful visual effects
  • Some very successful races
  • Playgrounds mode, yes, good …

We like less

  • Not very “beautiful” overall
  • Sometimes a glaring lack of fun
  • My eyes !!! My ears !!!
  • It lacks passion all that
  • At the end of the straight line, boredom …