It has already been four months since the “next-gen” is officially launched, from the big reveal of the Xbox Series X to the Game Awards. Since December 2019, gamers and video game enthusiasts have only been in a hurry, discovering all the plans of Sony and Microsoft around the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have not been outdone with a lot of communication from the side of the two manufacturers. Even if, for the moment, we had to be satisfied with the technical and hardware aspect with a lot of indications on the powers and the technologies embarked in the new consoles. But now it looks like the best is yet to come. Indeed, the games and services of the next two consoles should soon be shown!

Many amazing games on Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X

© Microsoft

It is once again the big boss of the Xbox company that makes us want to on Twitter. As always, the man is close to the fans and it was by responding to a Twitter user that Phil Spencer announced that the Xbox teams are mobilizing to prepare the best launch with many games.

Yesterday we took stock of the information we will share until the launch of the console. The team does an incredible job and is flexible. I’ve never been so excited about what Xbox is doing. We heard you, you want more transparency, authenticity. We will continue to communicate this way. The next step (the games) should no longer be too far away."

For her part, Ina Gelbert, the new director of Xbox France also makes us want with a tweet that speaks for itself. This will soon speak of "games" on the Microsoft side.

As a reminder, according to the latest rumors, Microsoft could offer two meetings in the coming weeks. A first meeting at the end of May, and a second meeting in June. According to the latest rumors from the corridors, the June event would be the base meeting for E3, and we should have quite a few games. As for the May event (which is not official), we are talking about the presentation of a new next-gen console in addition to the Xbox Series X.