The new iPad Pro could follow the technology of its cousin, the iPhone 11 Pro, in terms of photo lenses.

Barely iPhone 11 released, here we are already speculating on the future iPad Pro which should normally be presented to the general public this fall. These new rumors concern developments in terms of photo lenses for the Apple device.

As we know, tablet and photo rarely go hand in hand. Sometimes you get exasperated in front of tourists taking pictures with their gigantic tablet. Or worse, you may have gotten frustrated with the quality of your own vacation photos taken with your tablet. And for good reason: the photo lens is mainly there for the form. You should not have high expectations about the result it could offer. But with the next generation of iPad Pro, that could all change.

An iPad with a triple photo lens

Like the iPhone 11 Pro, the next iPad could also have a triple camera module. At least that’s what a photo revealed by Sonny Dickson and his American blog specializing in leaks of all kinds, around tech and cinema.

A triple photo lens that would allow iPads to catch up with their technological backwardness compared to iPhones. Only downside: the module does not seem to be protected by a layer of glass, as usual.

We can then consider three possibilities:

  • this photo is the work of a forger who omitted this small detail;
  • being a prototype, Apple has not yet had time to integrate the glass protection;
  • Apple simply did not plan for it and in this case, you should expect to call in after-sales service.

If the firm at the apple has for the moment neither affirmed nor refuted these rumors, they are supported by the words of the American media Bloomberg which announced last August that the iPad would benefit from technical improvements similar to those of the iPhone. A modernization of its photo lens, therefore, and a faster processor, if we follow the logic.

It now seems that the suffix “Pro” after an Apple product is synonymous with a triple camera module. It remains to be seen whether it will be really useful to take such beautiful photos with a bulky iPad, but especially if a potential Apple Watch Pro could also be equipped with such a lens in the future (yes that’s a joke). But we can already see you taking yourself for a secret agent!

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