After the big announcement from Sony by unveiling the PS5 controller that can now be called DualSense, it’s Microsoft’s turn to speak again with a new Inside Xbox. So beware, the “Inside Xbox” meetings are intended to provide information on current games and games to come soon. So don't expect to talk about next-gen and Xbox Series X. But it could still be interesting! Here is the summary of the evening!

11:00 p.m. – The evening begins with a message from Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, who sends us all his good vibes during these difficult times. A strong message from the boss of Xbox.

11:04 p.m. – First announcement with a new trailer for Grounded, a new trailer for the Obsidian game which will arrive in July in Xbox Preview. The game will be available on the Xbox Game Pass. It’s a cool little game that reminds me of the movie "Darling I shrunk the kids". We will have to deal with insects and other animals. We will play small characters who also make us think of Arthur and the Minimoys. The game should be playable co-operatively up to four players.

11:07 p.m. – The schedule for this Inside Xbox is revealed.

Inside Xbox Program

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11:09 p.m. – Major Neslon talks to the designer of the Xbox Series X to tell us about the latest console from Microsoft with a very small technical demo on Gears 5 and examples of Ray Tracing on Minecraft. Overall, nothing new, only things that we have already seen last week with the speech of Microsoft. If you want all the information, go to the following link.

Major Nelson Inside Xbox

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11.15 p.m. – Announcement of the release date of Forza Street on mobile (iOS and Android) for the beginning of May. Also announcing the free Gears 5 for a week.

Forza Street

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11:18 p.m. – It's time for Xbox Game Pass with the announcement of new things on PC and consoles. Football Manager is coming to the Game Pass PC soon, as well as the game Stranger Things Season 3, small Japanese RPGs, the Yakuza series. As always, a very strong solution for playing at low prices.

11:22 p.m. – Make way for the presentation of the Journey to the Scavage Planet Hot Garbage DLC on April 15!

11:23 p.m. – Now place a small presentation sequence on Gears Tactics which will arrive on April 28 on PC (it was specified PC, but logically the game should also be released on Xbox One but later). The game promises to be fairly faithful to the Gears series (the famous monster cutouts will be there). No loot boxes, no micro-transactions for this Gears Tactics!

Gears Tactics

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11:26 p.m. – Make way for Project Xcloud, to remind you that eleven new countries are added to the list including France. We remind you that the service is available on Android mobiles. For the moment, Apple is still making resistance for the arrival on iOS.

11:27 p.m. – Make way for the famous Hotline Miami Collection. Microsoft announces via a trailer that the game is available now!

Miami Collection Hotline

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11:29 p.m. – We are now going to talk about Hello Games (No Man’s Sky). The opportunity to discover the first gameplay images of the highly anticipated The Last Campfire.

The Last Campfire

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11.35 p.m. – In this period of confinement, Microsoft reminds different options to block the console at specific times for children, they announce new possibilities with the Microsoft Game Bar, etc…


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11:38 p.m. – A bit of news with the upcoming news on Sea of ​​Thieves! The next monthly update will arrive on April 22 and of course, the game is available on the Xbox Game Pass PC and consoles! And Microsoft is tempting the arrival of a big secret soon!

Sea of ​​thieves

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11.40 p.m. – This is the end of this Inside Xbox, a short meeting, with some little info. A short appointment compared to the previous ones, but suddenly well paced! Good evening to you all !