Available on PC since last April, Gears Tactics is finally available on Xbox, and comes to accompany the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Series S. The game is indeed one of the first titles known as ” Optimized », And promises an impeccable experience, in 4K 60 fps obviously (on Xbox Series X). Recall that this is a spin-off of the Gears of War saga, whose plot comes to be stalled before the adventures narrated in Gears 5 (also “Optimized”), and which abandons the TPS genre, to give in to the “Tactics” trend.

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Gears Tactics, the test on Xbox Series X

Developped by The Coalition and Splash Damage, Gears Tactics wants to be a “real” tactical, which will make it possible to follow the adventures of Gabe Diaz, through various missions taking place a dozen years before the first opus of the series, in which it will be a question of killing a certain Ukkon. Like an XCom, a Final Fantasy Tactics, or more recently a Mario & The Raving Rabbids Kingdom Battle, this is a strategy game, in which we do not directly direct our characters.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

The whole is seen from above, and is divided into several missions. The latter obviously offer play areas tailored for the genre tactical. Walls, hiding places, traps, obstacles and other subtleties are scattered on the ground, so as to be able to take cover intelligently, while deploying his offensive strategy. The game takes place on a turn-based basis, with AP (action point) allowing you to advance your character, attack or use an object.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

It is possible to rotate the camera as desired, and zoom in on the action. The screen is very busy, but everything is still quite readable overall.

The recipe has been tried and tested (the genre is well over thirty years old already), and it is therefore a turn-based game, like a game of chess, with the player having to program his offense, everything by anticipating enemy attacks.

At this level, Gears Tactics offers excellent gameplay mechanics, with the possibility of using its AP without too much restriction. With 4 AP, you can move, fire, use an object, and return to take cover. The approach is voluntarily ” simplified », To allow everyone, regulars and neophytes alike, to have fun from the first mission.

And Tactics for All!

In this regard, the pleasure of the game is indeed there, and despite a very (very) loaded interface, we quickly start chaining the missions. We quickly assimilate the few subtleties of the game (interruptions, areas of vigilance …) and we find with pleasure the whole Gears universe, despite a totally different genre. The whole is not always very subtle that’s for sure, but the pleasure of the game is there, and it is the main thing here.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

Visually, on Xbox Series X, everything runs in 4K at 60 fps, with the possibility of opting for cutscenes also in 60 fps (or in 30 fps by default to keep the “cinema” side). The play areas are very detailed, the effects are successful, and some attacks are dynamically zoomed for the most beautiful effect. The general readability (despite the overloaded screen) is excellent, and everything is done to never frustrate the player.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

During attacks, the game offers very successful dynamic plans

In addition to the stars of the game, Gears Tactics also allows you to recruit a little more anonymous agents, and all of them will be able to evolve via skills to be unlocked. You can also improve the equipment of different characters, via these crates to be collected on the battlefield, or via rewards to be gleaned by performing certain actions. Too bad, however, that these recruits ultimately have very little importance, since we quickly tend to always favor the same squad of Gears.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

The Lanzor and its always very practical chainsaw

If the missions are very successful and quite catchy as a whole, we still regret the much less inspired side missions, more tailored to artificially inflate the lifespan to please the player. Pity.

Tactics are fantastic

Side life, Gears Tactics is not necessarily a model of its kind, and it will take a few hours to complete the various missions offered. That doesn’t preclude taking part in some pretty memorable boss fights. The game does not have a huge replay potential, and many will be content to complete the adventure, before moving on permanently.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

If enemies enter the Vigilance Zone, they will be immediately attacked. Nice!

The objective here was to make a tactical that is both pleasant for the retina, easy to learn and damn addicting, and it is clear that the objective is perfectly fulfilled.

Gears Tactics Xbox review

A real good surprise therefore for all Xbox players, and a game available moreover via the now essential Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft.

Our opinion on Gears Tactics

Without being deep and technical, Gears Tactics is a tactical both visually successful, very easy to learn, and damn addicting. Admittedly, the whole is a little simple at times, but the universe is respected in a masterly way, with the added bonus of a little (but not too much) personalization and an overall more warlike and permissive approach to the genre. Of course, not everything is perfect in Gears Tactics, but it is still a real pleasure to rediscover the license under this brand new “tactical” aspect, with the added bonus of a beautiful achievement on Xbox Series X.

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Gears Tactics

€ 69.99

Gears Tactics Xbox Series X review

WE love

  • Visually successful (and in 4K 60 fps)
  • Affordable and addictive tactics
  • The perfectly respected Gears universe
  • Boss clashes
  • Some great gameplay mechanics

We like less

  • Some uninteresting side missions …
  • Powerful grenades
  • The fairly useless recruits