One of the fixed applications inside the smart home folder on my phone is Google Home. Present in both models under Android and in the iPhone family with iOS, it is this latest version that receives an update that updates it and improve some of the elements shown in the interface.

Do not expect radical changes, as these are subtle touches that offer a control more accessible to multimedia playback, facilitates the management of our activity on all devices and all with a much simpler and cleaner, more minimalist design.

New media icon

In the upper corner we will see our profile picture, with the "Google One" ring in case you are subscribed to the platform. A new design that replaces the "Account" tab. On the opposite side, an icon with the "+" symbol allows you to add new devices.


In the bottom bar we will see two icons. The one that corresponds to the "Assistant" is the one that undergoes more changes and is that in the upper area we will see a new "Media" button which is responsible for encompassing everything that concerns the reproduction of content in the form of audio and video.


Once we press we will access a new tab in which the content appears but in the form of a card, offering in it the usual controls, a section in which there are no changes.

Pestana Media

Yes we will see a more pleasant aspect, because the bottom of the card acquires a "blur" effect which, although not too exaggerated, favors integration into the general aesthetics of iOS and gives it a more elegant touch. The basic playback and audio sync buttons cannot be missing with other devices.


We will not see changes in the rest of the main screen, which is responsible for offering direct access to the rest of connected devices that we have at home. Google Home shows quick shortcuts to interact with the lights, call home, start routines and broadcast on the speakers. In the "Settings" menu, A new option called "House History" has been added, located almost at the end of the list.


Offers access to a history of our activity With any of the devices that we have connected at home and to improve the searches we can use some of the filters that it suggests.

The new design is reaching iOS users and if you have not received it yet, you can try to close the application and restart it to see if this activates the changes. In regards to Android, these design changes are expected to arrive early next year.

Via | 9to5google