With hundreds of media on its heels before each keynote, Apple has developed a strong privacy strategy to keep its announcements a secret. Its next connected watch, which will probably be titled Series 7, thus remains far from the cameras and only a few rumors that are difficult to verify are trying to tell us more about it.

The very first generation of the tocante, on the other hand, is already quite far from us since it was released in April… 2015. And precisely, photos of an anticipated model and probably never marketed have just been published on Twitter, by the now well-known account @AppleDemoYT. The latter had already posted similar pictures online a few months earlier.

Hidden design

As can be seen from the images in question, the case of this prototype seems really different from the consumer version which will be launched during the keynote formalizing the device. This is explained, according to the source, by the addition of an additional protective shell. Not to avoid shocks or scratches, but indeed so as not to identify the contours of the accessory, like the man in the iron mask.

The story does not say how the user who originated this information managed to obtain it, but it is very likely that Apple is far from being happy about it. We know that the company is multiplying the tricks to make its concepts as secure as possible, even going so far as to mislead malicious employees in order to better unmask them. A system that seems to have paid off during the development of iOS 15.

Rarities that are snapped up at a high price

If this edition of the first Apple Watch of the name does not seem to sell at the moment, however, it happens that such nuggets find themselves propelled to the top of the list of tidy transactions motivated by the most passionate, whether direct or to auction. Some are therefore sometimes ready to spend the equivalent of several thousand euros to complete their shelves. In another register, an iPhone with a printing defect on the side of its logo for example recently found a buyer for more than 2,000 euros.

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By: Keleops AG