And if it was true ? What if the iPhone 13 finally had this famous “one more thing” dear to Apple but which we hope for every year and which ultimately escapes us? What if 2021 is better than 2020? Well, for this last question, we obviously fervently hope that this will be the case well beyond the iPhone 13 compared to the 12 or any object, series, fashion item, watch, car … But let’s come back to our iPhone.

The 2012 vintage can be qualified as good or even very good with this mini format which makes us happy and very high-end photo quality. Apple, however, could have done a little better on a subject that focuses all of us: autonomy. Even if the MagSafe magnetic charger is a good idea, we would like to be able to do without a wired or wireless accessory more often to keep our iPhone alive. Well, that might be the case in 2021.

According to the Korean site The Elec, the Cupertino company will use a new technology that allowed OLED screens to consume less energy. This technology is low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, known under the name of LPTO. LG and Samsung, which already use it on its latest Galaxy Note Ultra, would provide these panels to Apple. Who would reserve them for their two premium iPhone 13s: the Pro and the Pro Max. The Elec does not provide the time saved in terms of battery life. But it may well be that we can finally spend nearly a day without having to recharge our smartphone. We’ve been dreaming about it for ages.

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