The next phones of the Huawei Mate line are approaching and, as usually happens every season, they should release a new high-end processor. As with the Kirin 960, the Kirin 970, the Kirin 980 and now, in a display of originality, the future Kirin 990. A chip for which the Chinese manufacturer has already confirmed name and also release date.

The processor has long been felt in the background of the next releases of the eastern firm, although so far it had been related to a possible Kirin 985 that seems to not see the light. The Kirin 990 will be presented next September 6 and we still know little about him, although there is something to throw us in the mouth.

September 6, Germany?

It was the Chinese manufacturer himself in charge of launching a video to warm the spirits for the future release, and given the date on which it is set, on September 6, we assume it will occur at the IFA in Berlin which is celebrated in Germany in the first week of next month. A date on which Huawei has an event.

For September 6, we therefore expect the arrival of the Kirin 990 and also more information about the folding Huawei Mate X, which the manufacturer is talking about shortly finalizing its arrival on the market. It would be this, and not the Huawei Mate 30, in charge of becoming the first phone with the Kirin 990 on board. Though it would be necessary to confirm the arrival to the stores of all the models.

Of the Kirin 990 little is known at the moment. We know that will be remanufactured in 7 nanometers, surely with the second generation technology already used by TSMC to put the Snapdragon 855+ into circulation. We also know, from the previous model, that it will be compatible with 5G although it is unknown whether it will already have the integrated 5G modem or will still depend on the external Balong 5000. In addition, we know that it will allow you to record 4K video at 60fps.

7 nanometers, 4K video at 60fps and integrated 5G?

As for core architectures, we hope that it arrives with the Cortex A77 in the most powerful line, and perhaps with the Cortex A57 in the energy-saving cluster, in addition to the Mali G77 as a graphic, the latest models announced by ARM. So, just wait. September 6, will be when we know what he is capable of the Kirin 990, Huawei's next high-end brain.

Via | Android Authority