NB: No spoiler concerning the plot and the story of The Last Of Us Part.II will be covered during this test.

Seven years after the first opus that will have marked two generations of consoles, Naughty Dog is back with The Last Of Us Part II, the continuation of the adventures of Joël and Ellie that we discovered in June 2013 on PS3, before finding the game in a version remastered on PS4 from summer 2014 to help us wait until the announcement of this Part.II in December 2016 and its release next Friday, June 19, 2020. So we find Ellie and Joël for a new adventure that will put our nerves to the test. Prepare for a long and painful journey in this test from The Last Of Us Part 2.


The Last Of Us Part II – "Kill them to the last"

When he was announced in December 2016, Neil Druckmann, the vice president of Naughty Dog and director of development for The Last Of Us Part II was clear. The Last Of Us was a difficult game, which aimed to play on our feelings, but there is still a health stroll alongside the themes covered in Part.II. With this sequel, hatred and violence will be at the center of the adventure.

Before going further, it is important to emphasize that these difficult themes are there for a good reason, and that they are fully justified given the context and the scenario. The Last of Us Part II is a fiction and wants to tell a story and show us how far we are able to go for the people we love. When to give up, realize that it's too late. The game will take you through many states during your adventure thanks to a narration and a staging at the height of Naughty Dog.

For more than 20 years, the studio has forged this reputation and excels in this field. And, again, the California studio shows it with the story of The Last Of Us Part II. Not everyone will agree, many may miss out on many things. It is already advisable to start a second part to understand and discover some things that may escape you during your first run. But above all, The Last Of Us Part II incessantly encourages us to question ourselves and take a step back on us and the situation in the game. And we will have to have a lot of perspective to understand certain messages and realize where the Dogs wanted take us. And it’s sometimes done in the most beautiful way during your adventure.

The pretty world of Jackson

The Last Of Us Part II - Jackson

© Naughty Dog

The game begins four years after the events of the first game. We find Ellie and Joël, in the city of Jackson where Joël’s brother Tommy had settled. The latter is still there, by the way. We also meet Jesse and Dina, Ellie's two new best friends. Life seems good and peaceful in Jackson. The city is highly protected, there are shops, bars, restaurants, and even schools and vegetable gardens. Men, women and children live in prosperity in complete security.

We even forget for a moment that we are in a post-apocalypse world. All this is made possible thanks to the very good organization of the city. Every day, numerous patrols are carried out to secure the surroundings of the city. Everything seems to be going well, but peace and tranquility never last long in a world where violence and fear have dominated for more than three decades. As Jackson faces a freezing winter, a tragedy hits the people of Jackson, and especially Ellie. The 19-year-old woman has no choice but to embark on a perilous journey to Seattle. And the latter will not be without consequence.

Hell of seattle

The Last Of Us Part II - Seattle

© Naughty Dog

Following on from Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End (2016) or Uncharted The Lost Legacy (2017), Naughty Dog offers players a vast map allowing us to visit a large part of the city of Seattle. We’re not in the open world yet, but the Dogs are getting closer and closer. You have the choice of following Ellie's map and advancing through the main research locations, or exploring the city freely and discovering secondary buildings that will not be used in the main game.

A bit like an open world with side and side quests, you will be able to visit places just for the pleasure of discovering the city. At times, these will be deserted places with objects and collectibles to find. At other times, you will come across infected people! Anyway, this possibility is nice and seems to indicate to us that Naughty Dog is starting to move more and more towards the open-world. A clue for their next title?

The Last Of Us PArt II - Seattle

© Naughty Dog

Walking the streets and decorations of Seattle inevitably reminds us of the first opus with Boston. The city is unrecognizable, ravaged by more than 30 years of pandemics. Nature gradually regains its rights over partially destroyed or collapsed buildings, torrents of rivers separate the city in two, and the panorama is beautiful. Seattle is a huge danger zone where several factions clash.

A militia with many well-armed and fairly organized men, who are often accompanied by their dogs to track us. The latter is opposed to a very discreet religious sect which favors stealth attacks with few firearms, but many knives and bow with arrows that really hurt. Finally, there will be the infected. In addition to the clappers, the colossi and the runners of the first opus, The Last Of Us Part II brings its share of novelties.

You will have the chance to discover a new kind of infected who are very fast and who like to hide to attack you by surprise (which you cannot detect with your special hearing). You will also have the joy of getting to know the "stinks" the main novelty of this opus. Kinds of mini-colossi that can send you toxic spore bombs on top of that. And this is just one example of the new enemies waiting for you.

The Last Of Us Part II - Puants

© Naughty Dog

Concerning the enemies precisely. In terms of the infected, no big changes. Overall, if you are discreet, these should not cause you too many problems (except for stinks or colossi which will be very difficult to dodge). For human enemies, it's a different story.

The AI ​​has been revised and improved in this opus, with enemies who are often on their guard, who search in every corner, behind furniture, under vehicles. It will be quite difficult to advance in stealth mode. Difficult, but not impossible. It is now possible to hide under vehicles, in tall grass or under certain furniture. This allows us to try different approaches. But beware, the enemies are really attentive and it is quite difficult to be really stealthy.

In addition, if an enemy spots you and you manage to kill him before he can scream or fire, the other enemies will still be alerted. And this is rather average and tends to quickly discourage us from infiltration. Also watch out for dogs who can follow your trail with your scent, which greatly complicates the task.

Besides, gunfights and confrontations with the infected are really very numerous, which sometimes tends to break the rhythm of the game and give us a little bitter taste. The game is then victim of certain repetitive lengths which frustrate us a little. Sometimes it takes a long time, we do the same thing and it doesn't help and gives us a repetitive feeling. We can't wait to finish the current goal. Objectives which, alas, are often the same where you have to go from point A to point B. It's a shame, because the first The Last Of Us offered more varied sequences.

The Last Of Us Part II - Gunfight

© Naughty Dog

Fortunately, this feeling is not the main feeling that we take from our test of The Last Of Us Part II. The game offers us, many strong sequences thanks to a well-crafted narration. But we will come back to this later. To finish with the gameplay, we therefore regret similar sequences, and many gunfights. Fortunately, it is possible to play in stealth mode to avoid long exchanges of firearms.

Each gunfights can be passed. That is to say, you can not shoot any bullet. Thus, it is possible to do your entire sequence in stealth mode, or else, to flee when you have been spotted. Dodge the bullets of your enemies, go to the next area without dying and you will avoid a long exchange of fire. As for the rest, the gameplay is quite similar to the first installment.

Ellie can listen to her enemies in the distance, you can still craft items to improve your weapons and create traps. Something new, you can jump from one platform to another, go up and down abseil or crawl under objects. But for the rest, the simple, but effective gameplay of the first game is generally preserved. Note also that from the start of your first game you can choose from five difficulty modes (very easy, easy, normal, difficult, very difficult) and that a new + game is available after you have finished the game.

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An insolent beauty

The Last Of Us Part II - Ellie

© Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is renowned for offering incredible games, both in terms of its script, its narration, but also in terms of its production. Graphically superb, with great attention to detail, and excellent animations. The Last Of Us part II is one of the studio's games with the most complicated development. The Californian studio was touched by many concerns that are addressed in this documentary " The Last Of Us Part II – The Tale of a Cursed Game And that we advise you to understand how far the game comes from afar.

Despite this, Naughty Dog and The Last Of Us Part II are doing relatively well. We feel that several teams have worked on the game, since it is quite uneven overall. You will never find badly executed or ugly sequences. The whole game is really beautiful, and very well done. However, at times, you will face incredibly beautiful sequences and landscapes. And it's the really technically stunning parts that overshadow the "just" beautiful parts. Certain face animations, or facial expressions of certain characters, are truly incredible.

The Last Of Us Part II - Boat

© Naughty Dog

The game will take you on a journey. Snow-capped mountains of Jackson, in the center of Seattle, passing by the outskirts of the city or even the residential districts, the game will offer you many varied and sumptuous landscapes. Some light effects and reflections in the rain are really stunning and come close to photo-realism. If some plans are prettier than others, as a whole, The Last Of Us Part II remains very beautiful and very impressive on PS4 Pro.

A soft narrative melody…

The Last Of Us Part II - Ellie Guitar

© Naughty Dog

Despite its qualities and shortcomings, there is one area in which The Last Of Us Part II excels … This is its narrative. Naughty Dog marked the video game with the first part. They made us vibrate with the narration of Uncharted 4. And they repeat in this Part.II. The staging is brilliant, the game alternates between present and past through well thought-out flashbacks. We will not approach the scenario to avoid the slightest spoil. However, we can already tell you that Naughty Dog was right, the game will divide. Some will accept the story, others will not.

The game will divide and many are likely to miss many innuendo, many references and other easter eggs. But when you take the time to analyze everything and take a step back, you can only see a great success. The game will surprise you, make you smile, move you, and even touch you. It will make you angry and make you live quite incredible moments with a beautiful message. And just for that, it deserves that you go through a few lengths and a few repetitive gunfights.

The Last Of Us Part II – Survival for All

The Last Of Us Part II - Accessibility

© Naughty Dog

We can't finish this test of The Last Of Us Part II without talking about accessibility. To date, it is arguably the most accessible Naughty Dog game and one of the most accessible PlayStation games. Countless options are available to make the game accessible to a large number of players with disabilities.

At the level of the subtitles, it will be possible to choose the size, the color, to arrange them with a background to better read them. It is possible to configure your controller as you wish to have a personalized configuration and in the most comfortable way for you. But the big effort comes from the special mode for people with slightly more problematic concerns.

It is possible to make the game black and white "negative", with enemies that appear in red, objects to pick up or collect in yellow and our character with our allies in blue. Without forgetting the possibility of activating the guide with the direction to follow to continue your game. The idea is to help people who have trouble finding their way in space. Great efforts are made and made to make the game as accessible as possible and it is really a beautiful gesture to highlight and highlight.

Regarding the interface of the game, again it's simple, minimalist, but effective. Kind of like what Naughty Dog has been doing since The Last Of Us and Uncharted 4. A very simple menu. A discreet HUD on the screen that immerses us in immersion. It's simple, easy to use, and even instinctive.

My opinion on The Last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II - Reviews

© Naughty Dog

After seven years of waiting and a more than enough end, it is with great impatience and a lot of anxiety that we embark on the adventure of The Last Of Us Part II. The first is so perfect and striking, that a continuation was not necessary. So when Naughty Dog announces to us in 2016 that they had the ideas to make a sequel, it is with a lot of hype and aware of the enormous challenge that we await the game. To be completely honest, this sequel is a notch below the first. Because yes, there is not this magic of "discovering" its characters, the atmosphere and the places. A few moments with airs of "already seen", a few lengths, and a few too repetitive gunfights are enough to penalize The Last Of Us Part II and does not allow it to equal the first opus.

However, Naughty Dog still rose to the challenge. Because yes, this sequel is clearly striking and it is completely legitimate. It carries a strong message that will disturb more than one. The game suspends and dazzles us in many ways during this long adventure (about 30 hours of play). The storytelling and staging are incredible with an attention to detail present. Certain sequences will really mark you and make you bad, because anything can happen. The beating heart, the anxiety and the fear of seeing certain scenes happen. Attend helplessly at events that cannot be changed. The game will not win unanimity and will only divide with its script choices.

We have the impression that with The Last Of Us Part II, Naughty Dog wanted to tell us that life can be hard. What is most striking about this sequel is that the game is believable from start to finish. Each scene, whether dramatic or joyful, is really carried out in a very realistic way. We will even regret a daring choice to put the music in the background, with very few striking moments, and discreet melodies which are very similar. Even during intense scenes, there is practically no music, as if certain highlights happened to us for real in life. Calmness freezes our blood and we sometimes witness terrible things, without being able to do anything. Because yes, Joël tells us during the game: "I know you would have liked it to happen otherwise. And me too. But it's like that ".


And you, are you impatient to test The Last Of Us Part II? Give us your opinion in the comments.

The Last Of Us Part II

€ 56.99

Test The Last Of Us Part II

WE love

  • An incredible staging and narration.
  • Truly striking passages.
  • A brilliant script choice during the game.
  • Some stunning entertainment.
  • Accessibility options.

We like less

  • A few lengths and a feeling of repetition at certain times (gunfight, loots, similar objectives…).
  • Music less present and less striking than in the first opus.
  • Some small bugs (which will undoubtedly be corrected with the Day One patch).