The month of June is approaching and it is an important month for all fans of The Last Of Us. Both games from studio Naughty Dog were released that month, with a first opus which will celebrate its eight years (released on June 14th). 2013) and part two which will celebrate its first anniversary (available since June 19, 2020).

While players are impatiently awaiting the sequel (an online mode, a PS5 version, the remake of the first game …) co-president Neil Druckmann confirms the pre-production of The Last Of Us Part.III, but warns fans. It won’t be for now.

The Last Of Us 3: Outline Already Written

Invited in the last Script Apart podcast by Al Horner, Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross, the co-writers of The Last Of Us Part.II had the opportunity to review the development of this game they consider to be “the one of the most difficult productions ”that[ils ont] never had to do. Unsurprisingly, the future was discussed regarding Naughty Dog and the series with HBO.

Last year, just before the release of the new game, Neil Druckmann said anything is possible regarding the next game. The Last Of Us Part.III, an unreleased license, the sequel to another project, the co-president left the door open to all eventualities.

Al Horner asks Druckmann if, a year later, things have moved forward around a sequel to the adventures of Joel and Ellie. The man persists for a moment and declares that he does not know what he wishes to reveal. Before continuing and announcing:

Halley and I wrote the outline of a story.

A surprising statement that formalizes the project. Neil Druckmann clarifies that development has not started and that it is not for now, however, the sequel is well in pre-production. In the meantime, Naughty Dog will have a lot of work on the development of the remake of the first game, the multiplayer game and maybe even a new Uncharted.

In parallel, Naughty Dog is also collaborating on the production of the series with HBO and PlayStation Productions. The studio does not seem to be running out of plans for the years to come.