We have been hearing for some time now about the Lucid Air electric car designed by Lucid Motors. The official presentation of the vehicle took place in January 2017, since the American company has been rather discreet. In all discretion, the engineers continued to work on the project to finally unveil a prototype capable of covering 640 km in a single charge.

Lucid Motors presents its Lucid Air as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S. The Lucid Air should have been presented at the New York auto show which was scheduled for early April but which because of the COVID-19 was moved to early August. To maintain its calendar, Lucid Motors has decided to make its comeback online.

A video released by the company shows Lucid Air flying to Los Angeles from San Francisco. This video presents the vehicle in real conditions, respecting speed limits. The Lucid Air managed to reach the two cities without a hitch, and even made the round trip after a night of rest and recharging.

As mentioned, this is currently a prototype. However, the final version should be quite similar, since this prototype was equipped with the engine and the battery that will be used on the vehicles available for sale. In terms of technical characteristics, the battery consists of lithium 2170 cells, which are the same as Tesla used for its Model 3 and Y, with the only difference that they are manufactured by LG. Tesla is also said to be working on a 110 kWh battery pack, identical to the one unveiled by Lucid Motors.