The conflict between the United States and Huawei continues even today, despite the fact that the Chinese company benefits from a new 'high veto' of six months so that smaller telemarketers in the North American territory can carry out a more transition Calm down to other providers. In the meantime, Huawei is still in the Entity List American and still unable to use Google services, among other things.

From Europe, however, a fairly unilateral support for the Chinese company has always been maintained. Perhaps not a very explicit support facing the United States but making it clear that there would be no specific veto against the brand, which has continued to collaborate in the expansion of 5G networks in territories such as France, Germany, Italy or Spain. But now the Ministry of Defense has sent an internal statement in which there is a movement that does not benefit the Chinese company.

No to the use of Huawei devices in the Ministry of Defense


We speak in any case of an internal statement from the Ministry of Defense of Spain but, as they have advanced in La Information and confirmed from Xataka, it urges the members of the Ministry to stop using Huawei phones to access information systems from the Ministry itself. Urge, do not force. So that we would not talk about prohibition as such, but about recommendation.

This statement says, according to The Information, that the Ministry has I urge "all organs of the Headquarters" to avoid using Huawei devices to access the information systems of the Ministry of Defense. The email itself is entitled "Restrictions on the use of the Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense" and it would indicate the non-suitability of Huawei phones, tablets and computers for this purpose.

Apparently, this internal notification, restricted but not classified, would focus on the networks and platforms of the Information and Defense System, as well as the use of corporate mail that would also be invited to access from other devices. Those Defense officials with a Huawei device they must proceed to their "immediate disconnection".

From Xataka they have contacted Huawei to hear their opinion firsthand and no official statements have yet been received, but the Ministry of Defense, in response to The Information, would have assured that "there is no veto to the company ", without offering further explanations. We will be attentive to any movement that occurs in this matter, especially a possible statement from Huawei explaining the conflict.

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