While Apple prepares its famous keynote traditional, during which will be officially unveiled its new smartphones, it seems that all the technical characteristics of these have just leaked on the Web …

Fans of the apple brand are no doubt impatiently awaiting it. Apple’s annual press conference, made famous by its late boss, Steve Jobs, who used to present his new products in a keynote both simplistic – all dressed in black – and grandiose, has become the unmissable event of each new school year. This year again, it was to reveal some nice surprises… But while the date has officially been set for September 10, there is not much new to reveal.

Many leaks and other rumors have indeed been circulating on the Internet for several months regarding the successors of generation X of the illustrious iPhone. Like this one, the firm’s new smartphones, which would logically carry the number 11, would thus come in threes: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

According to various information disseminated here and there on the Web, the great innovation for these three brothers would be in the camera, square format, with triple lenses for professional models. Similarly, these would be compatible with Apple Pencil, while all three would also benefit from reverse charging technology.

A new color? An OLED screen?

But while some had otherwise (falsely?) Speculated on an astonishing iconic change in design, placing the brand’s logo at the center of the rear surface of the device for the first time, a new leak coming from China claims to reveal all the technical specifics of the next trio of Apple smartphones.

If the bitten apple would remain, according to this source, in its usual place, the first observation is a potential new range of colors. In addition to the traditional black, and the popular gold, we discover on the site MyDrivers two new shades, purple and pastel green, for the iPhone 11 in any case. Beyond that, this model would not differ greatly from its predecessor, the iPhone XR, with the same LCD 6 screen in particular, 1 inch. On the other hand, the Pro (smaller, 5.8 inches) and Pro Max (larger, 6.5 inches) versions of the new range would benefit from OLED technology, according to the Chinese site.

While the trio of the new generation of Apple smartphones would also be compatible with Wi-Fi 6, it could well increase in terms of capacity, going up to 512 GB for the models offering the largest storage space. As for the costs of these little fruity pleasures, they would be slightly more affordable than their predecessors. Or $ 749 ($ 683) for the iPhone 11, $ 999 ($ ​​911) for the iPhone 11 Pro, and $ 1,099 ($ ​​1,002) for the iPhone Pro Max.

But again, this is all speculation. Patience, there are only a few more days to wait before Apple confirms (or denies) all this …
Sources: Tom’s Guide, MyDrivers