While the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, the developer of the game Fortnite, is still ongoing, new rumors are circulating about Apple’s ambitions in the field of gaming. Currently, Apple already offers a subscription service called Apple Arcade which, in return for the monthly subscription, provides access to a catalog of video games.

But obviously, Apple could also launch … a console. In any case, this is what is suggested by an article published by the wccftech site, which relays a Korean source. And according to this source, Apple would develop a hybrid console (between portable console and home console) with a format comparable to the Nintendo Switch.

A competitor to the Switch offered by Apple?

While the latest iPhones and the latest iPads already have excellent performance, Apple would like to design a product dedicated to gaming which will notably have an optimized design, as well as a more efficient cooling system. In addition, the Cupertino company would develop a whole new family of processors (different from the A series and the M series) in order to propel this future console. Finally, Apple would also negotiate with major studios, so that they offer exclusive content for Apple Arcade.

But of course, for the moment, this is still just a rumor. And therefore, caution is always in order. On the other hand, it is always possible that a project like the one mentioned by this source is abandoned at the last minute.

What is clear is that Apple is interested in gaming. And in addition, by launching a console, the Cupertino company would take a different path from those of Google, Amazon and Microsoft who rely heavily on cloud gaming.

Moreover, it should be noted that cloud gaming is a source of tension between Apple and other companies. Indeed, offering services like xCloud from Microsoft or Stadia from Google on iOS is complicated (compared to Android), because of the restrictions imposed by the App Store.