A few weeks ago, we talked about a new feature tested by Microsoft at some Xbox Insiders. A function to improve the management of downloads, by interrupting a game in the background, which can greatly affect the download speed. The new Xbox update, available now, allows all players to take advantage of this new option.

A new system update for Xboxes

Indeed, the latest system update for Xbox consoles brings various improvements. Among them, the function “Pause a game”(From My Games and Applications) allows you to end the game running in the background, in order to free up bandwidth and thus obtain the best possible download speed. Note, however, that thanks to the Quick Resume function, you can resume your game where you left off. Practice therefore!

The update also brings news on the Achievements side, via the Xbox mobile apps on iOS and Android. Players will indeed be able to once again find the Achievements of their games, directly from the application. “Before the end of the month, everyone will be able to enjoy these updates in the app and we will continue to refine the experience over time.”Explains Microsoft.

Microsoft also wants to further promote its Game Pass offer, through gamers’ friends. Indeed, a dedicated section will now appear when your friends are playing a title from the Xbox Game Pass catalog. You can then directly join an open multiplayer session or start the installation of the titles that your friends are playing (provided of course you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass).

This is good news for gamers, even if for many of them, the main concern is still being able to get their hands on an Xbox Series X …