Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PC soon?

As you know, if you keep up with gaming news a little, this Friday, April 10 marks the return of the Final Fantasy saga, with the long-awaited redesign of Final Fantasy VII. The essential RPG of 1997, launched on PlayStation, is indeed back in 2020 on PS4, in a brand new version revised and corrected.

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Formalized a few years ago now, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been available for a few hours now, and many players will immerse themselves in Midgar. Remember that this 2020 version will be divided into episodes, and that this first part relates only to the Midgar section of the original game.

To celebrate the launch, Yoshinori Kitase wanted to record a video to thank fans around the world. A video interspersed with various game sequences, on which we can see a rather surprising mention: " Captured on PC". You should know that Final Fantasy VII Remake is a temporary PS4 exclusive, and in a year, the game will (normally) also be launched on Xbox One.

However, at no time did Square-Enix formalize any PC version of the game … So many fans immediately reacted to this video, and many are now hoping for the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake on their PCs. Temporary PS4 exclusivity requires, this will not happen (whatever happens) before the month of March / April 2021.

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In all likelihood, therefore, it would appear that PC gamers are also destined to relive the adventures of Cloud, Barret, Tifa and Aerith on their machines early next year. It remains to be seen now when the next episodes of this Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available, and how Square-Enix will manage to manage player backups, and above all, the change of generation…