If we thought its schedule could be somewhat modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rumor has it that the apple brand intends to organize its traditional Keynote at the start of the school year. In addition to another conference scheduled for later this year. And the program would be… loaded!

It’s an event that Apple aficionados look forward to every year. But with the Coronavirus which continues to take its toll, many people no longer expected to see the famous Keynote from the Cupertino company, and in particular the new iPhone that traditionally comes with, presented in September. So as much to say that the information recently brought by two “serial leakers“have something to make people happy …

The so-called Komiya and iHaktu have indeed predicted on their respective Twitter accounts not one, but two major Apple brand conferences in the coming months! With a real deluge of new products on the program. Summary.

08/09: iPhone 12, iPad, Apple Watch, among other surprises?

The specialists of the leak first let it be known that, if it should take place virtually, pandemic requires, Apple’s Keynote would indeed take place according to tradition in terms of the calendar. Namely the second Tuesday in September, which falls on the 8th this year. And in addition to the object of all desires, the precious iPhone 12, the apple brand is said to have planned to present several other products. Some of the most anticipated too, like the new Apple Watch Series 6 or the upcoming iPad. Others… less. Blogger Komiya is also advancing the officialization of AirTags, the lost object locators that have been talked about for a year already, and AirPower, the wireless charging mat that we thought was downright forgotten. Although the latter could, according to a new tweet published this Sunday, July 26, be presented a tad later….

10/27: iPad Pro, MacBook and… Apple Glass?

Because the said leakers seem to promise a second Apple Keynote, which would take place “in real life” this time on October 27. Which would be intended to formalize, in addition therefore potentially to the AirPower, the new Pro version of the iPad as well as the next MacBook and MacBook Pro 13 “(referred to under the project name” Apple Silicon “, as the first Macs with an ARM chip). And would the apple brand have another surprise in store for us, with an object that has made so much talk about it but is still slow to point the tip of its nose? We are talking about the famous Apple Glass, that the so-called Komiya mentioned at first, but which were no longer part of the list in his tweet of updates …

03/23: bonus announcements?

And that’s not all ! Probably off to a good start, the specialist went so far as to subsequently announce a third Apple event, planned according to him (and his sources, of course) next year. March 23, 2021, to be exact. Another conference which should according to its information present a new iPhone, again, of which he does not know the name. But also the future iPad Air, the third generation of AirPods, and a next connected watch which would be more affordable than its big sisters since it baptizes it “Apple Watch SE” …

Sacred program! Too good to be true, you will tell us? If these noises of corridors, it must be said ambitious, indeed remain to be confirmed, let us note that the leaker iHaktu, for his part, seems particularly confident. In a new tweet published on Saturday, July 25, he said that “apple employee“had confirmed all these announcements to him, whether it be his own or those of his accomplice Komiya. All you have to do is show a little more patience before you get to the bottom of it!

In the meantime, find now iPhone 11, in all its versions, as well as its predecessors or the famous Apple Watch on the SFR store.

Sources: Cnet, Phonandroid, Frandroid