While the last two iPhone 12 (mini is Pro Max) have just been marketed, the iPhone 13 is already at the tip of its notch. Regarding the design, nothing should really change except, perhaps a notch, precisely, smaller than that of the iPhone 12. We also know that the battery is a subject treated with attention at Apple. The Cupertino teams are looking for solutions to reduce its size while increasing the autonomy of the smartphone. A complicated challenge but on the way to being met if we are to believe the information from Ming-Chi Kuo which indicates that there would be “soft board battery” technology on the iPhone 13. This is a flexible battery, made from a liquid crystal polymer. This saves space in the chassis. Apple could therefore make a more efficient battery than the current one while being a little smaller.

Another pending file on the iPhone: the screen. Many expected an evolution of the screen in terms of refresh rate, with a change from 60Hz to 120 Hz, as on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 for example. Alas, the iPhone 12 remained docked with a frequency always peaking at 60 Hz. This means that the screen refreshes at 60 frames per second and not at 120. Too bad for the viewing comfort, the fluidity of the display and the responsiveness of the games… But this would now be possible on the iPhone 13 thanks to the new battery which could support the energy which requires such a screen. Said screen could be made by LG, Samsung and BOE according to leaker Jon Prosser. And it is precisely the fact of going through this slab of the Chinese brand that could allow Apple to lower prices. Those of manufacturing because the production is less expensive and those paid by the customers since Apple could pass on a lower cost on the public price, surely around 50 euros. One condition must still be met by BOE: to make screens that meet Apple’s quality requirements, which was not done for the iPhone 12. Customers must keep their fingers crossed for BOE to be successful in 2021.

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