Although it has been officially available since November 19, Sony’s PS5 is absolutely impossible to find in stores. Many players have been eager to buy the new PlayStation for several weeks, and who cannot get their hands on the precious machine …

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The PS5 unleashes the crowds in Japan too

A particularly delicate situation for Sony, which is absolutely unable to keep up with the very high demand for its console. Indeed, even today, a few hours from the 1st day of February 2021, buying the PS5 is still an incredible puzzle … A situation which is likely to last a few more months, and which concerns the whole world , including Sony’s homeland of Japan.

This weekend in Japan, the Yodobashi Camera center in Akihabara received a supply of PS5s. Obviously, the news spread at high speed, and hundreds of players gathered at Yodobashi Camera, with quite a bit of hustle and bustle, although, as can be seen in the videos below. below, the whole remains relatively calm and courteous. Note despite everything that the police had to intervene to ensure everyone’s safety.

Still, the stock was around 300 consoles available for sale, with here a system of “first come, first served“, Unlike the raffle system used until now to have the opportunity to buy the precious console.

At present, the stock of PS5 is still very (very) complicated to manage, with consoles sold (in France) only online. You have to be constantly on the lookout for the main retailers to have a chance to put the PS5 in your basket and reach the box “payment”With the server crash. Very rare PS5 stocks, which usually evaporate in just a few minutes …