For a few hours now, PS5 owners have been invited to make the first major update to their console. An update which allows in particular to now store PS5 games on a hard drive or an external SSD, connected by USB to the machine.

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Secret fixes in the recent PS5 update?

So good news for gamers, even if direct support for an M.2 SSD is still not on the program, although the update also brought some new features “surprises“, Like changes at the level of 120 FPS, but also at the level of the management of the HDR of the console. For some users, it seems that this recent update also fixed another issue.

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Indeed, those who tend to leave a game disc in their PS5 know it well, the console player tends to start up quite regularly, whether one is on the console interface or the ‘we play another game. A rather surprising start-up, quite noisy too, of which we still hardly know the why.

Still, since the recent update, it seems that the player of the PS5 no longer (or less) tends to spin the disc for no reason. Some users indicate that the disc spins less regularly, makes less noise, but also that the process takes just a few seconds. The magazine Push Square Annone him also to have observed a clear improvement.

From our side, it actually seems that this inadvertent start-up of the disc player is less frequent, but also less prolonged (and therefore less noisy). This is excellent news, therefore, even if it is still difficult to really understand why the console feels this need to spin the Demon’s Souls record, while we are playing a digital version of Sackboy.