Despite availability dating back to November 19, Sony’s PS5 is still a very rare commodity in stores. Impossible indeed to get hold of the new PlayStation, without having to “beat”On a commercial site, whose stock, already very scarce, disappears moreover in a few minutes…

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The PS5 crashes merchant sites again and again …

In recent days, new stocks of PS5 are offered at various online resellers. This was particularly the case on the home side Currys PC World this Wednesday, with a few units available. Quickly, hundreds and hundreds of Internet users tried to connect to the website, which not only caused the crash of the site in question, but also a stock of PS5 which evaporated in a few minutes.

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This was also the case with other retailers, such as the chain of stores Game, whose stock shrank in just a few minutes. According to the CEO of the Neacea platform: “This is arguably the strongest online demand ever for a video game console.“.

In France too, the demand for the PS5 is impressive, and the few restocks are sold out in a few minutes, with very often there too, a crash of the site in question because of too many simultaneous connections. This has been the case since November 19 on sites like Amazon, but also FNAC, Darty, Boulanger or even Auchan … Of course, there is still the eBay option, but you are not immune to a very bad surprise …

To this is also added another plague, namely online bots. Indeed, since their launch, the new PS5 and Xbox Series X have been the privileged target of certain bots, which constantly scan the web, to automatically buy any console that is put back on sale. The tool Carnage Bot recently announced that they have “secured” over 2,000 PS5s from Game. The chain has also announced that it wants to check PS5 orders more in depth in the future.