A new PlayStation Studios brand from Sony

We already knew the games stamped Xbox Games Studios, exclusive to the console of Microsoft and the PC, and it will now be necessary to do with a new label: PlayStation Studios. Indeed, wanting to group together in a simpler (and visible) way its exclusives, Sony has just unveiled a new label, PlayStation Studios therefore, which will group together games exclusive to PlayStation 5, developed by in-house studios.

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For the occasion, Sony has released a small animation very " Marvel "(And very Xbox Game Studios too …), which recalls the main PlayStation licenses (The Last of Us, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet & Clank …), without forgetting the four characteristic buttons of the console. A short video that will be offered upstream of certain games, some trailers and certain advertisements at the end of this year.

Sony's Seal of Quality

The PlayStation Studios logo will also be proudly displayed on boxes that are exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. A quality label according to Sony, which explains: We’ve thought of a way to unite all of these great games under one brand. We think this is a good way to make consumers understand that if they see this brand, then they can expect the quality they know from us. "

Note that the PlayStation Studios label may also be present on other platforms than the Sony PS5. In fact, the label can perfectly support the porting (PC for example) of certain games " made in Playstation". A way for Sony to offer its " Official Seal of Quality To use the famous seal affixed by Nintendo to its vintage games.

Obviously, if Sony welcomes this new announcement, on the gamer side, we are waiting for the presentation of the PlayStation 5 to be firm. For now, only the controller, the new DualSense, has been officialized by Sony. So be patient …