Today is a big day for gamers, as Microsoft has just launched its new (and fourth) generation Xbox. Xbox Series X and Series S with very different positioning, but which will benefit from many common characteristics, starting with the precious SSD of course, games ” Optimized“, But also all the benefits of Xbox Game Pass.

EA Play joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

In its Ultimate version, Xbox Game Pass also includes a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, the precious xCloud, but also (and since today) EA Play. Indeed, without the slightest additional cost for the user, the EA Play catalog is added to that, already well supplied, of the Xbox Game Pass.

Concretely, these are more than 60 new games ” made in EA Which are now offered via Xbox Game Pass, in addition to the games (including those signed by Microsoft Games Studio) already offered in the catalog. We can thus find titles like FIFA, Madden, The Sims 4, Dragon Age, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mirror’s Edge, Unravel, Need for Speed, Dante’s Inferno, Shadows of the Damned…

The other good news is that the backward compatibility of the new Xboxes allows players to find not only games from the Xbox One generation, but also Xbox 360 games, and even an Xbox game, namely the excellent Black. . In this regard, Microsoft has just deployed a brand new update for its new Xbox, which now allows you to view, via a small badge, the games ” Optimized From its Games Library. Well seen !

And if you still do not know which Xbox Series is made for you, remember that you can find on Squeezer, the complete test of the overpowered (and silent) Xbox Series X, but also the test of the very small (and all) also silent) Xbox Series S.