The world of mobile mail applications goes far beyond Gmail or Apple Mail Since, apart from the customers who bring the devices by default, there are always options for all tastes. Also for all budgets, which is usual payment for email services. And there is Spark to confirm it: excellent email client, multi platform, with professional subscription services and free access for private users.

Spark is a great customer for anyone looking to unify their trays and email experience regardless of whether they use iPhone, iPad, a Mac computer or an Android smartphone. It has full tray management in addition to compatibility with most platforms, including Gmail and Outlook. In addition, its applications are updated very frequently, as has happened recently: the aesthetic changes applied to Spark improve the visual and use experience.

Improvements in display and use of the mail tray

Spark email client for Android Spark for Android

Since the latest trend in application interfaces is to offer dark backgrounds and menus, all despite the fact that this type of appearance is almost as old as the software itself, all renowned apps go through the hoop to soak your most visible face With black dyes. Also dark gray, as is the case at hand.

Spark funds for Android and IOS offer from the old clear theme to new dark theme; With two shades: completely black or dark gray backgrounds (only iOS, Android has only black backgrounds), perfect for when the light falls and you have to use the mobile at night. The titles, issues and mail extracts do not become white, but they approach. And the action icons are colored in the hidden left menu; keeping the target for direct actions at the bottom of each email in the case of iOS.

In addition to the new dark mode, which is automatically activated when the dark mode is turned on in the system (Spark includes a theme trigger in the app settings), the applications of both systems also release other aesthetic developments. The update brings personalization of direct actions at the end of each email, improves transitions between different menus and also optimizes the shapes of the elements. And one last added: Spark allows working with multiple windows on iPadOS.

Spark on iPhone Spark on iPhone

You can download the different versions of Spark for mobile devices through the following links to app stores.



Via | The verge