The Nintendo Switch Pro ? You must have heard of it. Since 2019, many hallways noise evoke it and everything suggests that the console would be scheduled for the end of the year 2021 everywhere in the world. In recent weeks with theE3 2021 and the Summer Game Fest, the rumors have continued to swell. Many fairly well-informed American journalists have confirmed that the console will be announced before E3 to allow Nintendo and third-party publishers to show their first games developed for this new console.

But a week after the event, still nothing. And according to Doug Bowser, the current president of Nintendo of America, the Switch Pro is definitely not a priority. So, communication blow or reality?

Should we apply the new technology to existing consoles, or rather wait for a new platform?

Doug Bowser E3

© Nintendo, Doug Bowser

It was during a long interview with the Washington Post that Doug Bowser returned to the last months of Nintendo and his Switch, which achieved quite exceptional performances. Of course, the subject of the Switch Pro came to the table very quickly. The president of the American branch of Nintendo is content to circumvent the question:

We are always attentive to technological developments and how technology can improve gaming experiences. We don’t value technology for technology, but how it can improve a gaming experience. And then, where to apply this new technology? Should we apply it to existing consoles, or rather wait for a new platform? There are a multitude of factors that come into play, and this is a question we keep asking ourselves. […] As it enters its fifth year on the market, the Switch is truly redefining the lifecycle of a console and its overall vibrancy, with regular and landmark releases.

Nintendo therefore seems to be betting everything on the importance of game releases and how technology can improve the gaming experience. Does this mean that the Switch Pro does not exist and that the company could directly switch to a new console soon?

Or, on the contrary, is Big N looking to extend the life cycle of the Switch with several models? Released in 2017, the machine has just celebrated its 4 years. In July 2019, The Switch Lite was announced by Nintendo. The console was released in September of the same year. Would a new console every two years be a good strategy?

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