For more than a year and a half, rumors have swelled around the famous Nintendo Switch Pro which would allow you to play in 4K with a much more powerful screen. After the release of the Switch Lite in September 2019, the development of a more powerful model is no longer a shadow of a doubt.

In recent days, big media have started to validate the rumors by specifying that this new console could even be unveiled before E3 2021 (which will be held from June 12 to 15). On the Amazon side in Mexico, a “Switch Pro” sheet was put online for a few minutes. The announcement seems imminent!

The Switch Pro is coming!

Nintendo Switch Pro Amazon Mexico

© Twitter / @Alphabeat_g

If you are passionate about the news around video games, you must have heard of the Switch Pro. A new version of the Nintendo console which would aim to end the life cycle of the machine in style with a more powerful model, allowing to play in 4K. Since 2019, many insiders have been talking about this machine which was to show the tip of its nose in 2020, before being scheduled for the end of 2021.

Now, it is the big media who talk about it with journalists who are often well informed. According to them, the Switch Pro should to be revealed at any moment. Nintendo would opt for a surprising strategy to present its machine before E3 to allow third-party publishers to show their first Switch Pro games during the next events (like the Summer Game Fest and E3).

Nintendo has a habit of ending the conference ball at E3. The Japanese firm often goes last. Thus, the choice to announce the Switch Pro before the show would be logical so that publishers can broadcast the trailers of their first games on this new machine.

On the Amazon side, it seems that pre-orders are close. According to a user who had time to take a screenshot, the “Switch Pro” sheet is currently in preparation.

For the moment, no information is present concerning the price and the release date. According to some media, the console could be launched at a price of 299.99 € by the end of the year. This would allow Nintendo to lower the price of the standard Switch. In 2019, the Switch Lite was announced in July for a September release.

In any case, Nintendo is meeting the fans in June for a very fun and above all very interesting E3. We can not wait to be there. Not you ?