Elon Musk is arguably one of the most exciting entrepreneurs of this century. By dint of perseverance, and hard work, Musk can now afford to own huge companies like The Boring Company, SpaceX, or Tesla. We will not take the complete biography of Elon Musk, we will simply say that his rise is fascinating.

Yesterday, a bombshell shed even more light on this entrepreneur with many hats. Forbes announced that Elon Musk would currently have a fortune of $ 190 billion making him the richest man in the world, ahead of Jeff Bezos. We explain here in detail how his fortune is calculated.

Tesla is on the rise.

Either way, Elon Musk owes this position mainly to one of his companies: Tesla. The success reaped by the automaker over the past few months has largely contributed to the success of its CEO. In December 2020, the Tesla Model 3 even became the best-selling car in the UK.

You read that right, the top 5 best-selling cars in the UK last month are dominated by Tesla with its Model 3 which sold 5,798 copies. Then we find the Volkswagen Golf (4,470), the Ford Fiesta (3,367), and a second electric car the Volkswagen ID.3 (3188).

An even more striking figure is the evolution of electric cars in the UK in the space of a year. In December 2019, electric vehicles represented only 6.6% of the market share, against 23.4% in December 2020. Sales of electric vehicles increased from 72,834 in 2019 to 175,082 in 2020. This represents in d ‘in other words an evolution of 140%. A dazzling advance that promises good years to come for the electric.

By 2030, the UK only electric and hybrid cars will be available for sale. Hybrid vehicles can still be marketed until 2035. In 2018, the United Kingdom set a target of 2040.