First slated for 2019, the automaker’s Tesla Semi is slated to finally go into production by the end of this year, if the schedule is not disrupted by the coronavirus in the coming months.

In an email dated January, Tesla clarified to customers who ordered that the vehicle would have to undergo several tests on "Severely degraded roads" adding that she also plans to subject the electric truck to "Sidewalks, potholes and other rudeness".

The American brand also reported winter tests. Tesla clarified on this subject: " In the short term, the company is preparing for several weeks of winter tests to validate the performance of trucks in cold weather and in conditions of low traction. We will be happy to share with you the lessons (tests carried out during) in winter, because we will be able to highlight the main advantages of electric driving and engine control, which no diesel engine can match "

Tesla Semi back after a short trip to Alaska?

The images captured by Tesla's followers suggest that the Semi was back after these famous winter tests carried out in Alaska, a state known for its cold climate. The truck carrying the manufacturer's prototype was effectively equipped with number plates associated with the latter.

This is where the brand would have a place allowing it to carry out various tests on the Semi, but also on the Model 3 and the Model S.

In addition, the vehicle of the American brand was seen on this same outward journey (in the direction of Alaska) a month ago, so it is logical that the Semi will return after having carried out the tests. This time, the truck was obviously back for California.

Tesla did not give more details on the place of production of Tesla Semi, referring only to a factory located in North America. To be on time, however, the coronavirus epidemic must be over and the firm must be able to reopen its factories.