As of April 1, Vélib 'journeys lasting up to one hour become free for users. A means for the service of " participate, in its own way, in all the efforts made to stem the coronavirus epidemic "

In the context of a global health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, " the Syndicate Autolib 'Velib' Métropole (SAVM) announces free journeys of less than an hour for all those who have to travel to Métropole ", We learn in an official press release.

The number of races in free fall

Clearly: both mechanical and electric Vélib 'are no longer payable during a journey lasting a maximum of one hour, whatever the type of annual subscription, and this throughout the duration of confinement. " The amounts corresponding to races of less than 1 hour duration made since March 17 and which have already been debited will be reimbursed Adds the document.


" Velib 'Métropole participates, in its own way, in all the efforts made to stem the coronavirus epidemic by offering an additional transport option to those who provide essential services to our daily life », One can read. This pandemic which confines the whole of the French population has logically had an impact on the number of races performed daily: from 85,000 in early March to 15,000 today.

Increased activity around hospitals

As a result, the number of bikes in the field has been reduced. However, the service observed " very significant increase in the share of trips to or from the main hospitals », Which represent 20% of trips. " Increased attention is paid to the regulation of the 70 stations identified in these areas ", Says the press release.

This gratuity could thus be used by medical personnel currently on the war footing to treat severe cases of Covid-19. As such, Parisian caregivers can also take advantage of 300 electric ZOEs made available to them by Renault, which here wishes to participate in the collective effort already observed in the territory.

Source: press release