About a year ago, Tesla announced that it was officially suing four employees of the startup Zoox for spying. The automaker claimed that the latter were in possession of several highly confidential documents, thereby violating the conditions of their employment contract.

These probably related to the WARP system, an exclusive platform dedicated to logistics (manufacturing, inventory, distribution, etc.). Tesla would have been aware of the theft following a message sent (by mistake) by one of the employees to his old email address. The latter contained a modified attachment to a document belonging to the automaker, which led to the latter's investigation.

The affair between the two companies seems finally ended.

Tesla will be entitled to financial compensation

The accused confirmed the theft of Tesla's data. In a statement, the young shoot says: " Zoox acknowledges that some of its new Tesla employees were in possession of Tesla documents regarding shipping, receiving and storage procedures when they joined the Zoox logistics team "

Startup Zoox plans to pay Tesla an undisclosed amount of money. She also said she would audit for " ensure that no Zoox employee keeps or uses Tesla confidential information "

In parallel, the young shoot also plans to “ conduct enhanced privacy training to ensure that all Zoox employees know and respect their confidentiality obligations "

The end of this case comes in a rather difficult financial context for Zoox. Given the current health situation, the startup was forced to lay off around 100 employees and some contract workers.

Tesla has a reputation for being uncompromising when it comes to the theft of confidential documents. A year ago, the automaker also emailed its employees to remind them of what they would risk if sensitive information were leaked – that is, the layoff, but also a potential lawsuit. The firm also recalled a few past cases to show that it had not hesitated to step up and defend its interests.