Launched in November 2019, the Google Stadia cloud gaming service has been refined over the months, with many updates to optimize the service, but also to add various features. Obviously, beyond its architecture, the service has also expanded in terms of games, with many excellent titles present from their launch. This was the case for Cyberpunk 2077 late last year, or more recently for Resident Evil Village.

Google wants to be reassuring about Stadia

However, since the start of 2021, Google Stadia has struggled to be convincing for players, mainly due to the departure of many managers, including Jade Raymond, and the closure of the various internal studios. On the side of Google, however, it was recently claimed to want to launch more than 100 new games this year, and various recent statements signed by Nate Ahearn, on behalf of Google, point in this direction.

FIFA 21 Stadia March 17, 2021


I would tell skeptics to take note of how we continue to walk the talk, developing the Stadia Makers program and partnering with renowned studios like Capcom, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft …”Explains the latter. He also insists on the fact that Google takes special care not to put any pressure on the independent studios of the Stadia Makers program.

Indeed, at a time when the “crunch“Suffered by many teams caused a scandal, Google would like to recall that”the goal of the program is to support the addition of Stadia as a launch pad for their game, not to add pressure or make it harder for studios“.

According to Google, there is therefore no reason not to see a bright future for the Stadia platform, even though the American giant still refuses to communicate the slightest figure concerning the number of subscribers to the service. Even so, 18 months after its initial launch, Google Stadia is still alive and well, according to Google, no offense to critics of the service.