We knew the men-canons, here is now a drone flying off with a gun. Of course, we have a video to prove it.

If the experience seems more than amusing, she has other interests much more serious. Thus, the craft was developed by engineers from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California CalTech University. In fact, we could see similar drones being sold to the general public in the future.

Check out the video in question:

Meet SQUID, the drone-gun

The machine is called SQUID for Streamlined Quick Unfolding Investigation Drone. In the shape of a torpedo, this quadrocopter drone is propelled into the air via a cannon in the same way as a ballistic missile.

The device itself measures 27 cm long and weighs a little more 450 g. For its part, the device used for shooting is in fact a machine to launch modified baseballs. In real conditions, we can take off the drone from a stationary point or a moving vehicle that can reach a speed of 80 km / h.

Drone Cannon, Plans

A folding drone

When SQUID reaches the culmination of its trajectory, its retractable rotors deploy automatically (see drawing). As a result, integrated engines take over to continue the flight. The mechanism is simple, but extremely well thought out, like any good invention.

According to NASA engineers, taking off a drone with a gun would be particularly suitable in the case of a crowded place. Indeed, his pilot can set a specific direction. This would ensure both the security of property and people around, but also a rapid flight. In addition, this mode of operation would also make it possible to take off a drone from an unstable surface.

In any case, scientists are constantly rethinking the operation of these mini-aircraft. These range from gas propulsion to insect-inspired models to swarms and now guns.

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