As with most online games, the Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale faces a lot of cheats. But while solutions now exist to try to oust these cheaters, these solutions in turn pose a problem, and in particular one.

Call of Duty: Warzone banned 20,000 cheaters, including one streamer

Dmitry Shmyko is a developer who deployed Warzone Companion, a basic tool used to spot cheaters by focusing on the kill / kill ratio, as well as other suspicious statistics that can be seen when a cheat program is used.

A maliciously used anti-cheat service.

Unfortunately, the use of Warzone Companion quickly turned into abuse and not at all for what it was designed to be. This tool, which mainly uses high ratios to try to distinguish a cheater and therefore disrupts Warzone matchmaking. In any case, this is what many players have noted.

Indeed, some use the application to avoid falling with too strong players, while their level should allow them. Quickly, after the initial negative reviews, Warzone Companion rolled out an update that should prevent any overflow by continuing to fight cheaters.

Anyway, this scenario perfectly shows what Warzone players experience on a daily basis, and especially that the community cannot do much to oppose it without the intervention of Activision.

The Call of Duty franchise has grappled with cheaters for many years, and despite the best efforts, the situation is just as complicated as ever. The best solution is to report any suspicious behavior so that the player in question is penalized or even banned.