Founded in 1982, the Chinese company Wuling Motors was renamed Wuling in 2007. Unlike a traditional manufacturer, Wuling prefers to focus on more specific vehicles for transport such as trucks, mini-buses, or even compact electric cars. It is precisely with this last type of vehicle that Wuling has managed to make the difference since the start of 2021.

Tesla far behind

Indeed, Wuling shows very good results with almost 60,000 vehicles sold in the space of two months. This feat allows the Chinese manufacturer to occupy the number 1 position in January and February in sales of electric cars. The ultra-compact city car Hong Guang Mini EV has therefore been doing better than the powerful Tesla Model 3 over the past two months. Wuling has sold precisely 57,500 Hong Guang Mini EV, and thus far exceeds Tesla and its 35,200 vehicles sold in January and February.

The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car of the month for December 2020 in the UK

It is important to note that a world separates the Hong Guang Mini EV and the Tesla Model 3. If we have already mentioned the difference in size, these two vehicles are not in the same price range. Today, it takes around 36,800 euros to afford a basic Tesla Model 3, while the ultra-optimized version of the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV is 4,100 euros. A price studied according to the demand of the Chinese market and which seems to have convinced many city dwellers.

Far from the peaks of speed and range of a Tesla, the Hong Guang Mini EV painfully reaches 100 km / h with a range of 170 km by adopting a suitable driving style. This means that by pushing this vehicle to 100 km / h the battery will not hold up for 170 km. However, the Hong Guang Mini EV has been designed to operate in a city environment, where it is strongly recommended to avoid peaks at 100 km / h.