The situation is still the same since last November. Whenever new PS5s or Xbox Series Xs go on sale on e-commerce sites, inventory is soaring in just minutes, leaving many gamers frustrated in front of their screens. And that does not look set to work out as the global shortage of microchips is expected to hold back production of new consoles for many more months.

The idea of ​​banning the practice is gaining ground

In this already very complicated context, players attracted by a potential profit are rampant and further amplify the problems. Thus, those who are nicknamed the “scalpers” often use bots to grab a good part of the new console stocks very quickly. These machines are then found later for much higher prices. Faced with the lack, some players let themselves be tempted, however, which only encourages practice.

In the United Kingdom, this situation is causing a lot of talk, so much so that Douglas Chapman, a member of the Scottish National Party, has tabled a bill against “scalpers”. The idea is to prohibit these resales of consoles ” at amounts well above the base price recommended by the manufacturer “.

In his fight, the MP was joined by other opposition political groups such as the Welsh and Northern Irish nationalists but also Labor. He recognizes that it will be difficult to get this bill adopted, which does not enjoy the support of the Conservative government. Douglas Chapman intends, however, to maintain the pressure on the latter so that measures are taken soon and that the majority ” take responsibility “.

Until then, the problem remains and it will be quite a while before stocks are fully restocked. AMD has also specified that low-cost components will still be affected for a few months by a very limited production, while high-end components should return to stock a little more quickly.