A few months ago, Microsoft launched its xCloud platform, a cloud gaming service accessible from an Android smartphone or tablet, allowing access to a wide range of Xbox games. An xCloud integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, at no extra cost, with a subscription that now gives access (among other things) to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, to Xbox Live Gold and to xCloud.

xCloud: the PC version under test

In 2021, Microsoft plans to launch the same xCloud on both PC and iOS. Various users are currently testing the xCloud service directly within their web browser. A test which is carried out before a public preview which will take place soon.

Concretely, the service is identical to that already available on Android, except that the latter is now accessible directly from a web browser. The web version of xCloud is linked to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and will be integrated into the Xbox app on Windows 10.

At present, the web version of xCloud is limited exclusively to Chromium-based web browsers. This is the case of Google Chrome of course, but also of the new Microsoft Edge. According to The Verge, a public preview phase will be offered in the spring.

The other good news is that this web version of xCloud will be able to work on iPhone and iPad, directly via a browser, namely Chrome or Edge. Remember that the restrictions specific to iOS did not allow Microsoft to offer its xCloud on the Apple ecosystem, as it did at the end of last year on Android.