It’s a fact, for a few years now, Twitch has been an essential platform for anyone wishing to share their passion for video games… but not only. As everywhere, streamers are in constant search of new subscribers, new spectators, new “subs“, With an algorithm which, like elsewhere, will tend to highlight the most popular streamers of the moment.

Twitch’s 7.5 million bot army eradicated

However, in recent days, some streamers have noticed a drop (sometimes significant) in the number of followers and viewers. There is a simple reason for this: the platform has eradicated many bots of the type “follow-botting”And“view-botting“.

In other words, fake users whose goal is to boost the number of subscribers and / or viewers of a streamer. In total, Twitch eradicated a total of 7.5 million bots, able to skew a streamer’s engagement rate.

The Twitch platform says it will work to enforce its terms of service to these bot accounts, including taking legal action if necessary, which could lower the number of subscribers and viewers of some channels in the markets. days to come.

In addition, if some streamers eager to increase their popularity quickly can buy these bots in uncrowded places of the Internet, some users are also likely to use them to troll competing channels, flooding the chat room. negative comments, for example. Note that Twitch is also considering setting up a reputation score for its streamers.


By: Twitch Interactive, Inc