It's a threat hanging over every user of Discord. The AnarchyGrabber malware was already well known to cybersecurity specialists. According to MalwareHunterteam, this one has just been updated to make it even more virulent.

Concretely, you must first convince the victim to download the Trojan. These proposals often come from accounts of friends who have been hacked. This includes not making false promises about potential winnings on games.

A threat that is hard to spot but easy to eliminate

Until now, it has been used to steal authentication tokens from Discord users. This identifier alone allows you to take control of an account. Recent developments are making password theft easier. This is potentially very harmful because with this information, it is possible for a cybercriminal to connect to your other personal profiles, if you have had the bad idea of ​​using the same logins everywhere.

The problem is all the more obvious since the creators of the virus made the code available for free as well as fairly easy to access tutorials. It therefore becomes very easy to use even by people who are not experienced in this type of exercise.

If AnarchyGrabber is not very easy to spot malware, it is a threat that can be eliminated very easily. You just have to uninstall and reinstall Discord to get rid of it permanently.

In recent times, Discord users have been particularly numerous. The platform has 250 million users and 15 million people connect to it regularly. It is popular with gamers, but new uses have emerged following confinement. Many teachers have used the service to interact with their students, as our colleagues from Rue 89 Lyon. Students can chat with each other in small groups, while their teacher teaches from a distance.

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