If Apple suggests with its “Hi, Speed” in the invitation sent to the press that its iPhone 12 will go very quickly, the most anticipated smartphone of the year will have other assets. We think for example of this triple photo sensor on the Pro versions to which will be added the LiDAR sensor for augmented reality already present on the iPad Pro, the A14 chip which will be overpowered, the operating system iOS14, at the price of l ‘iPhone 12 “entry-level” which should be around 750 euros against 809 euros for the iPhone 11 or a new design with flat edges, and no longer rounded, the most beautiful effect. But it looks like there might be another feature that is all the rage with customers.

According to our colleagues from Lemon Press, the iPhone 12 could be equipped with a Gorilla Glass Victus display. The finance blog Seeking Alpha had already considered this option last July. Glass manufacturer Corning claims that the resistance in the event of a fall will be improved by 20%, so the iPhone will be able to withstand drops from 2 meters from a height against 1.60m previously. This would already be not bad and would certainly save many from having to spend a fortune to replace their broken screen (between 221 and 361 euros depending on the version of the iPhone 11). But Apple could do more. The Cupertino company would add a protective diamond film. Which contrary to what one might think would not cost much at all, only a few cents per screen. Even though it would offer protection never seen on a smartphone. At the latest, this protective film would arrive on the iPhone 13 in 2021. But who knows if the iPhone 12, perhaps in its Pro versions, will not already welcome this small revolution…

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