The news was expected but it surprised all the same. During the presentation of its iPhone 12 on Tuesday, October 13, Apple indicated that these new smartphones would now be sold without a charger. “As an extension of our efforts to achieve our environmental goals, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are delivered without a power adapter. Please use the Apple AC adapter you already have or purchase one separately. ” That’s Apple’s message when you get ready to buy a new iPhone. And it’s obviously the same for the iPhone 12 Pro. And for the iPhone SE2, XR and 11. In short, all iPhones go there. Insistent rumors evoked this possibility long before the October 13 keynote, so it is a reality. This will allow Apple in particular to put more iPhones on the pallets (+ 70%) and therefore limit truck trips, for example. Which means a better carbon footprint.

France, the only country to have headphones!
There is therefore only a USB to Lightning cable to charge their Apple smartphone, the customer has to find a wall mount or a computer to plug it in. Apple is still making a gesture for those who have the annoying habit of losing their wall outlet or have the misfortune of having a defective one: they can buy a 20 Watt charger for 25 euros instead of 35 euros previously. Surely that will not calm the anger of customers. On Twitter, the reactions are rather scathing, with in particular in sight this so-called ecological conscience with the reduction of packaging and the disappearance of the sockets even though the Cupertino company sells chargers separately in another packaging … In this misfortune , there is still good: a concern for the environment therefore, but also the fact of being French since the France will be the only country that still has headphones in the box. Why ? Because French law and specifically article L34–9 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code) requires manufacturers to provide customers with an “accessory making it possible to limit the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communications” . It’s already that.

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