If you have Pokémon cards neatly tucked away in the back of a cupboard, now is the time to take them out. This is what Caleb King, a student at the University of North Georgia, did and thanks to it he was able to finance his medical studies.

In case you didn’t know, Pokémon cards can go up in value. In 2016, Caleb decided to start a Pokémon card collection by investing $ 4000 gradually. During those years, his family fiercely opposed his decision, but Caleb never stopped believing in his goal of someday reselling his collection and continued to accumulate Pokémon cards.

$ 130,000 on resale.

Caleb King was keenly aware of the value that these cards can take. Some cards can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This year, Caleb decided to start selling his collection to fund his graduate studies. When he pocketed $ 80,000, his parents began to understand why their son bought these childish cards. The student does not intend to stop there. He explains to the press that he can still sell $ 50,000 worth of Pokémon cards, which would make a total of $ 126,000 in profit including the $ 4,000 investment.

Caleb King’s strategy was therefore the right one, but it requires a lot of time and patience, not to mention that Pokémon cards have a constantly increasing value. It is therefore necessary to invest more if you wish to hope to reach this sum on resale.

Moreover for Pokémon fans, the franchise powered by Niantic with the game Pokémon Go has just ended a record year, despite the measures taken by various governments around the world to try to contain the virus. 2021 being the year of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, there are plenty of surprises to be expected.