When it comes to video games, artificial intelligence can prove to be a valuable tool to help creation. However, we do not plan to use artificial intelligence to imagine a complete project. This is the crazy bet that the team of OnlineRoulette.org attempted by ordering Candy Shop Slaughter.

Players seem convinced by the concept

So an AI program managed to create this game from scratch. He invented names and stories for the characters, gameplay elements, among other things. Concretely, the site was based on a GPT-3 type text generator offered by the company Open AI. On the dedicated page, we can in particular see that each protagonist has his own characteristics and scriptwriting elements that are very similar to what could have germinated in the brain of a human.

In Candy Shop Slaughter, the players embody Freddy Skittle and his best friend Ted. In story mode, they accumulate experience points for all good deeds done along the way. In arcade mode, the title becomes a classic 3D fighting game, except the blood is replaced by… candies and treats.

Delighted with the result, the team then surveyed 1,000 gamers to get their points of view. 77% said they would be ready to play the game, while only 10% found it little or very unoriginal. 67% of respondents judged the characters to be of high quality, while 55% were seduced by the scenario, or by the title of the game (53%).

Of course, this is just a first attempt that calls for many more. Without going so far as to completely replace human creators, we can however imagine an AI that would help them to prepare the ground for the writing of a scenario, the creation of characters, or quite simply to bring coherence in a complex universe.

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