For the past few months, Fortnite has tended to transform into a real parallel virtual world. The game signed Epic Games has indeed hosted a full concert (and virtual obviously) of Travis Scott, while some have also little to enjoy certain films signed Christopher Nolan, and broadcast directly through Fortnite.

The movie festival in Fortnite

Today, Epic Games has decided to transform its video game… into a film festival. In fact, via the Fortnite Royal Party, it will very soon be possible to enjoy a festival called “The Courts of Fortnite“, With a slew of short films to watch directly on the big screen.

Epic Games explains: “The animated short films of our festival come from all over the world. Some of them have even been nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Short!”The total duration of the screening of the short films is approximately 30 minutes, and the screening will be repeated continuously for 24 hours, starting this February 20 at 8 pm.

It will be possible to enjoy French subtitles, but Epic Games warns that, as in the cinema, it is strictly forbidden to record and / or broadcast the films of the festival. Remember that La Fête Royale is an evolving and experimental place in Fortnite in which players are invited to relax by participating in mini-games or by joining friends to watch movies, attend concerts … A special mode, without weapon, without hatred, nor violence therefore.

The Fortnite film festival will allow you to discover productions such as Bench, Makin ‘Moves, Rollin’ Wild, Car Park, Maestro, Oktapodi, A Single Life, Catastrophe, Commuter Glitch, Creature Comforts or even Lynx & Birds. For the occasion, a new emote “giant popcorn”Will be available in the Item Shop.