During the presentation of its new Xbox Series X at the end of 2019, Microsoft unveiled a console with an amazing design. Quickly, many Internet users hijacked the look of the machine, some of them resembling a fridge. Microsoft quickly seized the ball, and after several months of reflection and other easter-eggs full of self-derision, the American giant has decided to market a real fridge that looks like an Xbox Series X.

An Xbox mini fridge for the end of the year

Indeed, on the sidelines of E3 2021, which is in full swing, Microsoft has confirmed that an Xbox mini-fridge will indeed be marketed at the end of the year. For the occasion, Microsoft has split a trailer worthy of the name, in “World Premiere”Obviously, evoking“the most powerful fridge in the world“, Referring of course to the Xbox Series X.

A fridge which obviously takes the look so characteristic of the console, including with regard to the upper part, and which will probably be able to accommodate a few cans, just to cool off during the long sessions to come on Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Rest to know now at what price will be offered this astonishing fridge inspired by the new Xbox.

As for video games, remember that Microsoft held its Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase conference last night, the full summary of which can be found at this address. A solid conference, with the officialization of many games, but also an increasingly important place given to the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s real asset for this next-gen.

However, we hope that the fridge to come at the end of the year will be easier to acquire than the Xbox Series X, still unavailable in stores (like the PS5 for that matter) more than six months after its launch …

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